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Concrete Repair Boulder, ColoradoAre you needing concrete repair in Boulder, CO? Maybe you have found yourself with cracked, damaged or unsightly concrete walkways leading up to your home. Or, maybe you have a cracked and unappealing looking driveway or patio. Whatever the case may be, when you need concrete repair Boulder, CO — Bro’s Concrete is here to help!

Are you considering tearing out the old and damaged concrete to replace it with new, freshly poured concrete? Before you make this decision, consider concrete repair. It may save you money, however if the repairs are large, it may make better sense to replace with new. Contact us regardless — we’re your concrete professionals in Boulder, Colorado.

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Concrete Repair Vs. Concrete Replacement

First, you should identify whether you are in need of concrete repair or replacement. It is not uncommon for concrete in Boulder to crack and split. Settling and a shifting of the planet’s crust can cause damages to patios, sidewalks, and driveways. Although those damages may seem visually disturbing, they do not always indicate that you need to replace the concrete.

A crack is typically easily repaired using an installed overlay. In many instances, a professional will apply a concrete, epoxy, stone, or tile overlay. Many hard surfaces can bond with the concrete to repair it properly. Just because you have cracks in your pathways, driveway, or patio does not mean that it is beyond repair. For concrete crack repair Boulder, COcontact us.

Concrete Repair Service Boulder, ColoradoWith the proper maintenance, you can potentially prolong the life of your concrete surfaces. An expert can apply a resin-based, acrylic sealer to help prevent further damages caused by weather and moisture. Although there is no way to prevent cracks and other damages indefinitely, a repair job could save you from the cost of replacing your pathways, driveway, or patio for the here and now. Whether you decide to repair concrete or replace concrete in Boulder, CO — call 1-855-661-3672.

Concrete Repair Cost Boulder, CO

Concrete repair costs in Boulder, Colorado vary depending on the extent of damages and the size of the area in need of repair. For crack filling, you can expect to pay roughly $329 for basic crack filling of 100 feet. If you choose to upgrade using a sealant, you may pay as much as $1,000 or more. The type of overlay and sealant you choose can also impact the price point for repairs.

Repair Concrete Boulder, CO

If you have sunken concrete sections in your sidewalk, repairs may cost approximately $60 for a professional to raise one square. Therefore, your costs will vary based on how many squares need raising. An expert can analyze the damages and provide you with a price quote that is as close to accurate as possible.

Homeowners report spending an average of $1,300 for patio repair in Boulder, CO. Of course, the size of your patio will determine how much you have to spend for repairs. A smaller patio with minimal damages may only cost you $300 whereas a larger patio or one with more extensive damages may cost as much as $3,700 or more.

Get in touch with a Boulder concrete repair specialist near you and discuss all of your repair options. If you are working on a limited budget, let the expert know. Concrete companies can typically provide you with options best suited to your wants, needs, and budget. Most importantly, they will give you an outcome that delivers noticeable results. Call Bro’s Concrete today at 1-855-661-3672.

Concrete Maintenance

It is wise to hire a professional to perform routine maintenance on your concrete surfaces. By opting for routine maintenance, you can prolong the life of your concrete surfaces, which means less concrete repair needs down the road. Maintenance may entail the use of a sealer on occasion to ensure that the concrete is capable of resisting most damages. For concrete maintenance Boulder, CO — please contact us.

For best results, you should have an expert maintain your concrete at least twice a year. You should at least perform maintenance procedures on your concrete surfaces before winter comes around. Once the cold weather hits, maintenance will be next to impossible. It is very difficult to work with cold concrete. Therefore, you should schedule maintenance services for the spring and fall.

Concrete Crack Repair Boulder, Colorado

Concrete Repair Boulder, CO

If you notice any damages sustained by your concrete surfaces, make sure you address them immediately. Even the smallest of surface cracks can eventually become major cracks or even holes. If you do not address cracks and other surface damages to your concrete as quickly as possible, you may have to opt for replacement rather than repair.

Furthermore, addressing problems with your concrete allows you to save money. It is likely to cost you more money to replace concrete than it is to have it repaired. By contacting a professional at the first sign of trouble, you can potentially cut your costs in half if not more. Also, you can save yourself precious time out of your already busy life.

It may take days or even weeks depending on the size of the job to perform concrete replacement in Boulder, CO. Concrete repair, on the other hand, may only take as much as a day to a few days to complete. You will have to give the overlay and sealer time to dry and set before you are able to use your driveway, sidewalk, or patio after repairs take place.